Best Domain Name Registrars For 2024

Domain names can make or break your online business. It can help increase brand awareness, boost credibility, and make it easy for people to find you online. Thought of a unique name for your website? Great! We've handpicked the best domain registrars where you can purchase it and get extras like email addresses, privacy protection, and more. Click on each vendor below for more info and special deals!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are domain registrars?

Domain name registrars are companies that reserve domain names and assign IP addresses designated for the reserved domain names. These companies need accreditation from country code top-level or generic top-level domain registries to do their work.

Domain registrars need to follow the guidelines of their domain name registries if they want to keep their accreditations. Domain name registrars don’t maintain and manage domain names. They simply sell them.

Of course, companies can’t simply “decide” to sell domain names to their users. They need to meet the requirements of their top-level domain registries and go through a process of acquiring their accreditations. Registrars are domain name dealerships that provide customer support and help with transactions.

What is the difference between domain registrars and registries?

Registries control top-level domains like “.gov,” ”.com,” or “.edu.” and manage records about which domains belong to what organizations and individuals. On the other hand, registries are managed by ICANN, which is a global organization that coordinates databases and processes for the functioning of the internet.

Registries control the sales of domain names and which registrars can do this. For example, if you as an individual want to buy your own “.com” domain name, the registrar who is selling that domain name must verify the sale with one of the registries.

Registries manufacture domain names and own them, while registrars make the sales and pay a percentage to the manufacturer. The registries own the domain names, and people can “rent” them for a specific period with a maximum of ten years.

In other words, you can never really “own” a domain name, but it’s possible to lease it indefinitely.

Why do I need a domain name registrar?

Registrars are companies that help individuals and organizations legally buy domain names for their websites. A registrar can help you register an unlimited number of domains and assign them to your websites or simply hold onto them.

Users pay an initial fee when registering a domain name with registrars and cover annual fees for as long as they lease their domain names. These companies can help you check if a specific domain name is taken and provide you with multiple options.

Remember that domain registrars focus only on domain names and nothing else. However, some web hosting companies can provide you with domain names apart from hosting on behalf of registrars. In other words, these are resellers that work together with registrars.

If you want to build a website and pick a quality domain name that will help you with branding, SEO, and easy access, you must use domain name registrars.

How are domain registrars different?

After registering a domain, you become the owner. No matter what registrar you used to acquire your domain, you have all the freedom to use it as you please. However, there are some added services offered by different registrars:

  • Hosting packages: some registrars can provide both hosting services and domain registration.
  • Easier domain management: registrars offer tools for managing domains more effectively.
  • Better domain support: registrars can offer different levels of domains. For example, some might let you acquire generic top-level domains, while others can give niche-specific options.
  • Pricing options: all domain registrars have different prices for the same name depending on the support, extra features, and other perks.
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