Do you often find yourself signing contracts without fully reading them, putting you in awkward positions? Avoid this issue by using pdfFiller, a smart document management tool that puts you in the driver's seat. For only $8 a month, you can edit PDFs, review and sign documents whenever you choose. Work together on projects, distribute papers to various people, and revise them as a group. pdfFiller's robust features, such as encryption and password protection, ensure that your documents are safe to share and store. PDF files can also be easily modified, secured, shared, and stored through its intuitive web interface. Still unsure if pdfFiller is the right fit for you? Dive into our detailed review below to find out.
  • User-friendly web interface
  • Ability to legally notarize any document online
  • Fully cloud-based PDF editor — access your files from anywhere!
  • Strong security measures
  • Fuss-free e-signing of documents
  • Signatures look like real wet signatures
  • Ability to fill fields with custom data like date, signature etc.
  • A wide variety of business-ready features
  • Support that is quick to respond
  • Collaboration through link sharing
  • Protects documents with enterprise-grade security and privacy requirements
  • Allows users to password-protect documents
  • Perfect for word documents, email-friendly papers, and bills
  • Trusted and reliable
  • Ability to edit docs on mobile
  • To get the best value, an annual commitment is required
  • Some advanced features have a steep learning curve

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Price: $96/Year
Money-back guarantee: 30 days


PDF to Word: YES
PDF to Excel: YES
Word to PDF: YES
Excel to PDF: YES


Merge PDF: YES
Split PDF: YES
Compress PDF: YES
Add watermark: YES
Add comment: YES
Annotation tool: YES


Password restrictions: YES
Unlock PDF: YES
Permission levels: YES
Redact: YES


OCR scanner: YES
3D reading: YES
View .cbr and .ePub files: YES


Live Chat: YES
Email Support: YES
Phone Support: NO
Ticket Support: YES


Trustpilot Rating: 4.5 out of 5 from 11,192 reviews

“This program really provides me the opportunity to create the forms and fillable documents that can help speed up my report filing. I enjoy the different ways to sign and initial different documents that otherwise could not be sent back electronically without several steps. I also have created templates and forms for consistent reports and forms I will be using to help speed up my entries. Thank you!”

“In my field of work and opportunities, I quite often have to complete and sign agreements and contracts whenever and wherever. Utilizing a great format that is simply put- user friendly and fast, PDF Filler ensures that the people needing my consent or handling signed forms can be done in the moment. We live that way today so it is one of the most useful tools to do such. I am usually the "user" yet in a side hobby for other business work I get to seek the PDF Filler benefits from my outside sourced clients.”

“I use it for everything. Whenever I need to have a document emailed to me, which needs to be filled out and returned, I cannot be bothered to print it, fill it and then scan it back. PDF filler allows me to not have to travel with a printer or portable scanner. The phone apps that are supposed to work like scanners are abysmal. So, thanks to the PDF scanner I am able to travel with just a laptop and not bother with having to use the business centers at hotels.”


pdfFiller is a software company that provides online document management, editing, and e-signature solutions. The company was founded in 2008 by Vadim Yasinovsky and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Vadim Yasinovsky serves as the CEO of pdfFiller. pdfFiller offers a range of products and services to help individuals and businesses manage their documents efficiently, including the pdfFiller online platform and various integrations with popular applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Salesforce.


pdfFiller is designed for individuals, professionals, and businesses of all sizes who need to manage, edit, and sign PDF documents. It caters to a wide range of users across different industries and sectors. Here are some specific user groups that can benefit from pdfFiller:

  • Individuals: pdfFiller can be used by individuals who frequently work with PDF documents, such as students, freelancers, researchers, or personal users who need to fill out forms, sign documents, or annotate PDFs.

  • Professionals: Professionals in various fields, including legal, finance, healthcare, real estate, and human resources, can utilize pdfFiller to streamline their document workflows. They can create, edit, and share PDF documents, as well as collaborate with others by collecting signatures, extracting data, or annotating files.

  • Businesses: pdfFiller offers solutions for businesses of all sizes. Small and medium-sized businesses can use it to digitize their document processes, manage contracts, create forms, and automate paperwork. Large enterprises can benefit from the integration capabilities of pdfFiller with other systems and platforms to enhance document management and collaboration.

  • Legal and Compliance: The legal industry heavily relies on PDF documents. pdfFiller offers features such as electronic signatures, redaction tools, and secure document storage, making it suitable for legal professionals and law firms to handle contracts, agreements, and legal forms securely.

  • Government and Non-profit Organizations: Government agencies and non-profit organizations often deal with a significant volume of paperwork. pdfFiller can help them digitize and automate document workflows, simplify form-filling processes, and ensure compliance with regulations.


    pdfFiller offers a range of features to manage, edit, and sign PDF documents. Here is a rundown of several of pdfFiller's most useful functions:

    Templates and Forms

    pdfFiller offers a form creator that caters to a wide range of industries, such as insurance, healthcare, and real estate. What makes this software even more remarkable is that it allows you to utilize an online library of forms available through its website and desktop app. This works much like a search engine, looking up a diverse range of document types from basic residential leases to complex ones like W-9 forms. All templates are fully customizable, and you can add fillable fields using pdfFiller. Some examples of this include payment fields for both USD and EUR. However, payments can only be processed by linking a payment service to your account. Furthermore, users can add multimedia files to their forms and templates. These files can be saved for future use or even sold for a profit.

    Document Editing

    With pdfFiller, you can edit PDF documents directly within the platform. It provides tools for adding, deleting, and rearranging pages, as well as merging multiple PDFs into a single document. You can also modify text, images, and formatting within the PDF.

    Document Security

    pdfFiller prioritizes document security and provides features like password protection and encryption to safeguard sensitive information. You can set permissions to restrict access, redact confidential data, and certify documents to ensure their integrity.

    Collaboration and Sharing

    pdfFiller facilitates collaboration by allowing you to share documents with others for review and editing. You can assign tasks, track document activity, and collect feedback from collaborators. It also integrates with popular cloud storage platforms, making it easy to access and share documents.

    Data Extraction

    pdfFiller offers tools to extract data from filled forms and export it to various formats, such as Excel or CSV. This feature is particularly useful for processing form submissions or capturing information from surveys, applications, or questionnaires.

    Document Templates

    pdfFiller provides a library of pre-made document templates for various industries and purposes. These templates can save time and effort by providing a starting point for creating commonly used documents, such as contracts, invoices, or employment forms.

    Mobile Apps

    pdfFiller offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, allowing you to access and work on your documents while on the go. The mobile apps provide similar functionality to the web version, ensuring flexibility and convenience.


    In addition to its core PDF editing and management tools, pdfFiller provides extra features and functionalities. Here are a few of the added capabilities offered by pdfFiller:


    The SignNow feature of pdfFiller is a comprehensive electronic signature solution that allows you to easily send, sign, and manage documents digitally. Here are some key points about pdfFiller's SignNow feature:

    1. Electronic Signatures: With SignNow, you can create legally binding electronic signatures on your documents. Whether you need to sign a contract, agreement, or any other type of document, SignNow streamlines the signing process by eliminating the need for physical signatures.

    2. Document Sending and Collaboration: SignNow enables you to send documents for signature to multiple recipients, whether they are colleagues, clients, or partners. You can track the status of each document, send reminders, and set signing order to streamline the workflow. Additionally, SignNow supports in-document commenting and collaboration, allowing you to work together on documents in a secure online environment.

    3. Mobile-Friendly: SignNow offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, making it convenient to sign documents on the go. You can access, sign, and manage your documents from your smartphone or tablet, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in your document workflow.

    4. Advanced Security: SignNow prioritizes the security and integrity of your documents. It employs industry-standard encryption and security protocols to protect the confidentiality of your data and documents. Additionally, SignNow offers advanced security features such as two-factor authentication and audit trails to enhance document security and accountability.

    5. Integrations and APIs: SignNow provides integrations and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow you to seamlessly connect SignNow with other applications or systems. This enables you to incorporate electronic signatures into your existing workflows and leverage the power of SignNow within your preferred software solutions.

    6. Compliance and Legal Validity: SignNow complies with industry regulations and legal requirements, including the ESIGN Act and global e-signature standards. This ensures that the electronically signed documents are legally valid and enforceable.

    Fillable Forms

    pdfFiller enables you to convert static PDF forms into interactive, fillable forms. You can easily add text, checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down lists, and other form elements to complete and submit forms electronically. You can even add a payment gateway so you can collect payments from your clients or customers!

    Custom Branding

    pdfFiller allows organizations to add company logos to PDFs and signature requests, making them more recognizable and professional. The software also enables customization of emails and communication with clients, including the use of videos and unique messages. Additionally, organizations can maintain their distinctive branding by using custom watermarks in their correspondence.

    CRM Integration

    pdfFiller offers integration capabilities with various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This integration allows users to seamlessly import and export data between their CRM software and pdfFiller. By integrating with CRMs, users can automatically populate PDF forms or documents with customer data, create and update documents from CRM records, and store completed documents back into the CRM system.

    Google Docs Integration

    pdfFiller can integrate with Google Docs, Google's cloud-based document editor and collaboration platform. With this integration, users can import Google Docs into pdfFiller for further editing, form filling, and e-signature capabilities. It provides a convenient way to enhance and modify Google Docs using pdfFiller's extensive features, including form creation, document management, and secure sharing.

    Office 365 Integration

    Using this feature, you can import your Microsoft Office documents, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, directly into pdfFiller's platform. Once imported, you can edit, fill out forms, add signatures, and collaborate on these documents using pdfFiller's features. Thanks to the integration with Office 365, switching between the two platforms is seamless, offering you easy interoperability.


    pdfFiller's Fax function lets you make and receive faxes without ever leaving the app. Faxing can now be handled digitally, doing away with the need for old-fashioned fax machines. Some highlights of pdfFiller's fax functionality are as follows:

    1. Sending Faxes: With pdfFiller, you can send faxes by uploading the document you want to fax or by creating a new fax using the built-in editor. You can send faxes to both fax machines and digital fax numbers. You have the option to add cover pages, include notes, and specify the recipient's information.

    2. Receiving Faxes: pdfFiller provides you with a unique fax number that others can use to send faxes directly to your pdfFiller account. Incoming faxes are stored in your pdfFiller inbox, and you can access them online from anywhere. You can view, download, and manage received faxes conveniently.

    3. Fax History and Tracking: It also maintains a history of all sent and received faxes, allowing you to track the status and details of each fax transmission. You can view the date and time of transmission, the recipient's information, and the delivery status of your faxes.

    4. Security and Privacy: pdfFiller prioritizes the security and privacy of your faxed documents. Faxes are transmitted securely using industry-standard encryption protocols. The platform also provides options for setting access permissions and password protection to ensure the confidentiality of your faxed information.

    5. Integration and Notifications: In addition, pdfFiller offers integration with popular cloud storage platforms, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can easily import documents from these platforms for faxing purposes. It also provides notifications and alerts to keep you informed about the status of your fax transmissions.


    The API feature of pdfFiller allows developers to integrate pdfFiller's functionality into their own applications or systems. With the pdfFiller API, developers can programmatically access and utilize various features of the pdfFiller platform, expanding its capabilities within their software solutions.

    1. Integration Capabilities: The pdfFiller API enables seamless integration with other software applications, allowing developers to incorporate pdfFiller's document management, editing, form filling, and e-signature capabilities directly into their workflows.

    2. API Endpoints: It also provides a set of predefined endpoints that developers can interact with to perform specific actions, such as uploading documents, retrieving form fields, applying signatures, and managing user accounts.

    3. Authentication and Authorization: To access the pdfFiller API, developers need to authenticate their requests using API keys or other authentication mechanisms provided by pdfFiller. This ensures that only authorized users or applications can interact with the API.

    4. Documentation and Resources: pdfFiller offers comprehensive API documentation, including guides, reference materials, and examples, to assist developers in understanding and implementing the API integration. The documentation outlines the available endpoints, request/response formats, authentication methods, and best practices.

    5. Use Cases: The pdfFiller API can be utilized in various use cases. For example, developers can integrate pdfFiller into their own document management systems, create custom workflows that involve document editing and signing, automate form filling processes, or build applications that require seamless interaction with PDF documents.

    It's important to note that working with APIs requires programming skills and knowledge of web development. Developers familiar with RESTful APIs and programming languages like Python, JavaScript, or PHP can leverage the pdfFiller API to extend their applications' capabilities.

    Signer Authentication & Security

    The Signer Authentication & Security feature of pdfFiller focuses on ensuring the authenticity, integrity, and security of signatures applied to documents. Here are some of the most important aspects of pdfFiller's Signer Authentication & Security feature:

    1. Signature Authentication: pdfFiller provides various methods to authenticate the signer's identity. This includes options such as email verification, SMS verification, knowledge-based authentication questions, and integration with third-party identity verification services. These measures help ensure that the signer is the authorized individual and enhances the trustworthiness of the signature.

    2. Signature Certificate: pdfFiller generates a digital signature certificate for each signed document. This certificate contains information about the signer, the signing time, and other relevant details. It serves as a digital proof of the authenticity and integrity of the signature, providing a higher level of confidence in the document's validity.

    3. Document Integrity: This PDF editor also employs advanced encryption and security protocols to protect the integrity of the document. This includes preventing unauthorized modifications to the document after it has been signed. Any tampering attempts will be detected, ensuring the integrity and non-repudiation of the signed document.

    4. Audit Trail: It also maintains an audit trail for each document, recording all actions and events related to the signing process. This includes information such as who accessed the document, when the document was viewed, and when the signature was applied. The audit trail helps track and verify the history of the document, providing an additional layer of accountability and transparency.

    5. Compliance and Legal Validity: pdfFiller's Signer Authentication & Security feature complies with industry regulations and legal requirements, such as eIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication, and Trust Services) and the ESIGN Act. This ensures that the signed documents have legal validity and can be used for various business and legal purposes.


    With pdfFiller's Notarization feature, you can digitally notarize your documents, adding an extra level of trust, authenticity, and legal validity. Here are some important details about how pdfFiller's Notarization feature works:

    1. Online Notary Services: pdfFiller partners with authorized online notary providers to offer seamless digital notarization services. This allows you to notarize your documents without the need for in-person visits to a physical notary.

    2. Remote Notarization: With pdfFiller's Notarization feature, you can have your documents notarized remotely. This means you can complete the notarization process from the comfort of your own location using your computer or mobile device.

    3. Document Verification: The notarization process includes verifying the authenticity and integrity of the document. pdfFiller ensures that the document has not been altered since the time of notarization, providing confidence in its legal validity.

    4. Electronic Notary Seal: Upon successful notarization, pdfFiller applies an electronic notary seal to the document. This seal includes the notary's information, commission details, and other relevant notarization details. The electronic notary seal serves as a digital proof of the notarization and enhances the document's credibility.

    5. Compliance and Legal Validity: pdfFiller's Notarization feature complies with applicable laws and regulations regarding digital notarization, such as the U.S. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act) and state-specific notary laws. This ensures that the digitally notarized documents are legally valid and recognized.

    It's important to note that notarization services may be provided by authorized third-party notaries partnered with pdfFiller. The availability of notarization services may vary based on your location and the specific notary providers pdfFiller has partnered with.


    pdfFiller is committed to safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of its users' information. pdfFiller uses the following security measures and best practices:

    Data Encryption: pdfFiller encrypts data transmission using SSL/TLS protocols, ensuring secure communication between users and the platform. This encryption helps safeguard data from unauthorized access during transit.

    Storage and Data Protection: It stores user data on secure servers and employs industry-standard security protocols to protect against unauthorized access. This includes physical and logical access controls, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular security audits.

    User Authentication: It also requires user authentication for accessing accounts, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access and modify documents. User authentication may involve the use of usernames, passwords, and multi-factor authentication (MFA) options.

    Compliance with Data Protection Standards: pdfFiller complies with data protection regulations, such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), to protect user data and ensure appropriate handling of personal information.

    Document Access Controls: It allows users to set permissions and access controls for documents, enabling them to determine who can view, edit, sign, or share their documents. This helps users maintain control over their sensitive information.

    While pdfFiller implements security measures to protect user data, it's important for users to also take precautions on their end. This includes using strong and unique passwords, keeping software and devices updated, and being cautious when sharing sensitive information.


    pdfFiller supports multiple platforms to provide flexibility and accessibility to its users. Here are the platforms supported by pdfFiller:

    Web Browser: pdfFiller is primarily accessed through a web browser on desktop and laptop computers. It is compatible with popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Users can access and use pdfFiller's features by logging into their accounts via the web interface.

    Mobile Devices: pdfFiller offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. These apps can be downloaded and installed from the respective app stores (App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices). The mobile apps allow users to access, edit, sign, and manage their PDF documents on smartphones and tablets.

    Integration with Cloud Storage: pdfFiller integrates with popular cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box. This integration enables users to access and import their PDF files directly from their cloud storage accounts into pdfFiller for editing, signing, and sharing.

    By supporting web browsers, mobile apps, and integration with cloud storage platforms, pdfFiller offers cross-platform compatibility, allowing users to access and work with their PDF documents seamlessly across different devices and operating systems.


    With pdfFiller, you can easily edit and sign documents in mere minutes, setting it apart from many well-known text editors. Sending documents is just as simple, as pdfFiller makes it possible to send documents from its interface, eliminating the need for third-party email clients. Additionally, using pdfFiller's LinktoFill, documents can be shared with recipients without an account by creating a link. Up to 20 signers can be invited to a document, making collaboration even easier.

    pdfFiller also integrates seamlessly with several apps, including some of its direct competition and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. Notably, Salesforce subscribers can pre-fill contracts and annotate PDFs using pdfFiller's editing tools via airSlate's DaDaDocs.

    Those subscribing to pdfFiller's most expensive plan gain access to two additional tools: signNow and US Legal Forms. SignNow is an electronic signature software with even more signature options, and US Legal Forms is a vast online library of legally binding forms that are state-specific. By connecting Zapier with pdfFiller, the software opens up to more than 5,000 integrations.

    Extensions for Chromium-based browsers are also available, and a custom API integration offers the extra feature of tracking document status in real-time, although this comes at an additional cost compared to pdfFiller's overall price.


    Yes, pdfFiller offers a free trial version that allows users to explore and experience the features of the platform before making a purchasing decision. The free trial period typically provides access to a limited set of features and may have certain usage restrictions.

    During the trial period, users can upload, edit, fill out forms, and e-sign documents. This allows you to get hands-on experience with the pdfFiller platform and evaluate its suitability for your specific needs.

    To try out pdfFiller for free, simply click on the "visit website" link for pdfFiller on the right-hand panel. This will take you to the official pdfFiller website, where you'll find the "Start Free Trial" option. Usually, you'll need to create an account and provide basic information to begin the trial.


    pdfFiller offers three subscription tiers, each of which is tailored to specific user needs.


    The Basic plan is best suited to individuals. It is designed for individual users and includes basic editing capabilities, cloud storage for PDF documents, and email customer support. The cost of this plan is $20 per month on a month-to-month basis, but if you choose to pay for an annual subscription upfront, you will receive a 67% discount and pay only $8 per month for the year.

    Here’s what you get with this plan:

    • Edit, fill, draw, print, save, or fax
    • Convert PDFs to editable word documents
    • Erase, highlight & re-write PDFs
    • Access Documents from Anywhere
    • Highlight & annotate your documents
    • Create your own eSignature
    • Sign Documents from your mobile device
    • Get bank-level data security
    • Use free iOS & Android applications
    • Receive Faxes for $19.99/month


    The Plus costs $30 per month but you get a hefty discount of 70% when you pay for an annual subscription in one stretch, bringing the monthly price down to just $12 per month. In addition to the features of the Basic plan, the Plus plan also includes following:

    • Fillable Forms on Your Site or App
    • Restore Previous Versions
    • Advanced Workflows
    • Instant chat customer support
    • Create custom signature workflows
    • Host fillable forms online
    • Password protect sensitive documents
    • Authenticate recipient signatures
    • Receive Faxes for $14.99/month


    The Premium subscription has everything the Basic and Plus plans do, plus quick chat support, e-signature workflows, and access to the U.S. Legal Forms Library, among other business-ready features. It costs $40 per month or $15 per month with an annual commitment.

    • Advanced fields
    • Personal Branding
    • Collect Payments
    • Attachments
    • Role-based advanced workflows
    • Advanced recipient authentication
    • Receive Faxes for $9.99/month

    Each plan comes with a 30-day free trial period, which should provide plenty of time to determine which plan is right for you.


    pdfFiller offers various ways to contact them, including social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Additionally, pdfFiller offers a 24/7 live chat where the agents are kind and helpful, guiding you through a process if needed and answering all your questions thoroughly. If you prefer to send an email, that is also an option, with customer support typically responding within a day.

    However, there may be times when contacting customer support isn't necessary, as pdfFiller has a detailed FAQ and regularly updated blog. These resources contain product comparisons with competitors and informative posts about filling out various forms. On top of that, the company has a features page, although it could benefit from some editing, as the sections are disorganized and the descriptions can be long-winded.


    Can pdfFiller edit scanned PDF documents?

    Yes, pdfFiller has the capability to edit scanned PDF documents. When you upload a scanned PDF to pdfFiller, it uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to recognize the text within the scanned pages. Once the text is recognized, you can edit, modify, and format the text within the document.

    With pdfFiller's editing tools, you can add, delete, or modify text, images, and other elements within the scanned PDF. This allows you to make changes to the content, correct errors, update information, or customize the document according to your needs.

    It's important to note that the accuracy of OCR depends on the quality of the scanned document and the clarity of the text. Complex or stylized fonts, low-resolution scans, or documents with significant image-based content may result in less accurate OCR results. However, pdfFiller provides tools to manually adjust and correct any inaccuracies in the recognized text.

    Does pdfFiller support multiple languages?

    Yes, pdfFiller supports multiple languages, making it accessible to users around the world. The platform offers a language selection feature that allows you to choose your preferred language for the user interface. This helps users navigate and interact with pdfFiller in their native language, enhancing the overall user experience.

    Furthermore, when it comes to document editing and form filling, pdfFiller supports various languages for inputting text. You can enter and edit text in different languages, including non-Latin scripts and characters, based on your specific requirements.

    While pdfFiller's user interface can be translated into multiple languages, it's important to note that the availability of language options may vary. The supported languages may include commonly used languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and more. The specific list of supported languages can be confirmed by visiting the pdfFiller website or consulting their documentation.

    Is there a limit on the number of documents I can store in pdfFiller?

    pdfFiller provides different storage limits based on the subscription plan you choose. The specific storage limits may vary depending on the plan you have subscribed to. Here are some general guidelines:

    Free Plan: The free plan of pdfFiller typically comes with limited storage space. The exact limit may vary, but it is usually smaller compared to the storage provided in paid plans. This limitation is in place to encourage users to upgrade to a paid plan if they require more storage capacity.

    Paid Plans: pdfFiller offers various paid subscription plans that provide higher storage capacities. These plans often include different tiers or levels with varying storage limits. The storage space can range from a few gigabytes to larger capacities depending on the plan you choose.

    It's important to note that storage limits may not only be based on the number of documents but also on the total file size. Larger files may consume more storage space compared to smaller files. Additionally, some plans may impose restrictions on the maximum file size per document.

    How to redact sensitive information in pdfFiller?

    To redact sensitive information in pdfFiller, you can follow these general steps:

    1. Upload the Document: Log in to your pdfFiller account and upload the PDF document that contains the sensitive information you want to redact. You can either upload the document from your local storage or import it from a cloud storage platform.

    2. Open the Document in the Editor: Once the document is uploaded, open it in the pdfFiller editor. You can select the document from your document list and click on the "Edit" or "Fill" button to access the editing interface.

    3. Select the Redaction Tool: In the pdfFiller editor, locate and select the redaction tool. It is usually represented by an icon that looks like a black rectangle or a marker.

    4. Draw Redaction Areas: Use the redaction tool to draw rectangles or shapes over the sensitive information you want to redact. You can adjust the size and position of the redaction areas to cover the specific content you wish to hide.

    5. Apply the Redactions: After drawing the redaction areas, apply the redactions to permanently remove the sensitive information. This process ensures that the redacted content is no longer visible or accessible in the document.

    6. Save the Document: Once you have applied the redactions, save the document to preserve the changes. You can choose to save it with a new filename or overwrite the existing document.

    It's important to note that redacting information is a crucial task, especially when dealing with sensitive data. Make sure to review the redacted document carefully before sharing or distributing it to ensure that all sensitive information has been properly hidden.

    Can I use pdfFiller offline?

    No, pdfFiller is primarily an online platform, and it requires an internet connection to access its features and services. The pdfFiller platform operates through a web browser, allowing users to upload, edit, fill, and sign PDF documents online.

    While pdfFiller does not have an offline mode, it does provide the ability to download and save filled and edited PDF documents to your local device for offline access. Once you have edited a document on pdfFiller and saved the changes, you can download the modified PDF to your computer or mobile device. This enables you to access and view the document offline using a PDF reader application.

    It's worth noting that the offline access is limited to the downloaded and saved documents. To continue editing or making changes to the documents, you would need to reconnect to the internet and use the pdfFiller platform online.

    If offline functionality is a critical requirement for your document management needs, you may consider exploring alternative PDF editing software that specifically offers offline capabilities or desktop applications designed for offline use.

    Does pdfFiller offer APIs for integration with other applications?

    Yes, pdfFiller offers APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow developers to integrate pdfFiller's functionality into their own applications or systems. The APIs provided by pdfFiller enable programmatic access to various features and functions of the pdfFiller platform.

    By utilizing pdfFiller APIs, developers can incorporate pdfFiller's document editing, form filling, e-signature, and other document management capabilities directly into their applications or workflows. This integration allows for seamless interaction with PDF documents and enhances document processing and collaboration within custom software solutions.

    pdfFiller provides comprehensive API documentation and resources to guide developers through the integration process. The documentation includes details on API endpoints, authentication, request/response formats, and examples. Developers can refer to the pdfFiller Developer Portal or contact pdfFiller's developer support for further assistance.

    Integrating pdfFiller APIs can be beneficial for businesses and organizations that want to leverage pdfFiller's capabilities within their existing software infrastructure or build customized document management solutions tailored to their specific needs.

    How to add a signature in pdfFiller?

    To add a signature in pdfFiller, you can follow these steps:

    1. Upload the Document: Log in to your pdfFiller account and upload the PDF document you want to sign. You can upload the document from your local storage or import it from a cloud storage platform.

    2. Open the Document in the Editor: Once the document is uploaded, open it in the pdfFiller editor. Select the document from your document list and click on the "Edit" or "Fill" button to access the editing interface.

    3. Locate the Signature Tool: In the pdfFiller editor, locate the signature tool. It is usually represented by an icon that resembles a pen or a signature.

    4. Create or Import a Signature: pdfFiller offers several options to add a signature:

    • Draw Signature: You can use the mouse or touchpad to draw your signature directly on the document using the signature tool.

    • Upload Signature Image: If you have a pre-existing signature image saved on your computer or device, you can upload it and position it on the document.

    • Type Signature: pdfFiller also provides a text-based signature option where you can choose from a variety of font styles that resemble handwritten signatures. Simply type your name or initials, and pdfFiller will generate a signature-like text.

    5. Place the Signature: After creating or selecting your signature, position it in the desired location on the document. You can resize and adjust the signature's placement as needed.

    6. Save the Document: Once you have added the signature, save the document to preserve the changes. You can choose to save it with a new filename or overwrite the existing document.

    pdfFiller also offers additional options for signing documents, such as requesting signatures from others, creating signature workflows, or using advanced e-signature features. These options may vary depending on your subscription plan.

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