Winner of Global Infosec Awards for 2021, Keeper Security is a leading zero-knowledge and zero-trust cybersecurity platform. It protects against data leaks, security breaches, and even ransomware attacks with multiple layers of security, including 2FA, password keys, and a self-destruct mechanism. To date, over a million customers worldwide rely on its digital vault and password management tools for personal, business, and enterprise use. In this review, you'll realize why Keeper has been our #1 choice for safeguarding your passwords, documents, photos, videos, notes, confidential files, and more.
  • Multi-layered encryption
  • Single sign-on
  • Cloud-based with zero-trust and zero-knowledge security
  • Unique security architecture protects data and systems against breaches
  • Competitively priced
  • Cross-platform and user-friendly native apps
  • Web browser plugins available for all popular browsers
  • User-friendly interfaces with fingerprint and facial recognition logins
  • Seamlessly integrates with your IT stack
  • User-friendly web vault available from any location
  • Secure file storage, retrieval and decryption
  • Emergency access
  • Supports 2FA
  • Real-time protection against ransomware attacks
  • Slack and Microsoft teams alerts
  • Mobile, website, and app autofill feature
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Robust compliance and reporting
  • Personal vaults for family members make sharing a breeze
  • Independently-audited
  • Winner: PC Mad Editor's Choice Award and G2 2021 Enterprise Leader
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Form-filling can be buggy at times
  • Some features cost extra
  • No monthly plan

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Price: From $2.91/month
Money-back guarantee: None, 30-day trial available
Desktop apps: Mac, Windows, Linux
Mobile apps: Android, iOS, Kindle, Windows Phone
Browser extensions: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari
Number of devices you can sync: Unlimited


Password storage: YES
Password generator: YES
Password recovery: YES
Autosave and autofill: YES
Import and Export passwords: YES
Allows secure sharing of passwords: YES


Multi-factor authentication: YES
Password strength checker: YES
Data breach scanner: YES
Independent audit: YES


Secure notes storage: YES
Credit card details storage: YES
Emergency access: YES
Trusted contacts: YES
Password inheritance: YES


Live Chat: YES
Email Support: YES
Phone Support: YES
Ticket Support: YES


Trustpilot Rating: 4.4 out of 5 from 2,772 reviews

Good Overall. I have tried many comparable products (Including: LastPass, BitWarden, Droidpass, Dashlane, and KeePass). Keeper, however, seems to be the best option for most people, it has a clean easy to use UI, and has a Zero-Knowledge Policy meaning no one (Including Keeper) can access your passwords (Except you). It is slightly on the expensive side, but it's not bad enough to prevent me from buying it.”

Great product! The password manager keeps my life so much easier. I don’t have to remember or store passwords elsewhere. It works with browsers and my phone seamlessly. I taught my wife how to use it after she kept creating random passwords and forgot them after and now she cannot imagine going back.”

Keeper is for Untrusting People too! My family and I have been using Keeper for over a decade! Even if you are HIGHLY SKEPTICAL like we are, Keeper is the perfect app! For those of you who REALLY just will not trust apps under any circumstances, Keeper is STILL the app for you…let me tell you how. I don’t even store my “actual” passwords! All my password entries are actually “password clues” that tell me what my passwords are. For example, I’ll use the word “Standard” to remind me that the password for this particular entry is the one I use on numerous occasions. However, another example is “Aaa##+5=##” which reminds me that I used a “word” followed by a couple of numbers and symbols that, when I see this combination, immediately remind me of what my password is. Bottom line, even if you are one of the most untrusting people, Keeper is a must-have!”

I am so happy I decided to try Keeper!! I was so tired of the password management headaches and keeping sensitive info in my phone and created folders. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Keeper to anyone who wants one single safe place to store their passwords and who wants greater peace of mind!”


Using strong passwords is still your first line of defense against identity breaches and unauthorized access to your online accounts. The stronger the password, the more secure your devices are against hackers and other cybercriminals. And yet, many of us are probably still using pet names and birthdays on our passwords. Worst, we use the same ones everywhere, over and over again. Why? Because our brain is not very good at memorizing passwords. Thankfully, Keeper has all the standard tools necessary for managing your passwords, so you don't have to.

  • Password Generator - By default, it produces strong and random 12-digit passwords for all your online accounts. Not strong enough for you? Go ahead and adjust the length for up to 100 characters, or include numbers and symbols with a click of a button.

  • Security Audit - identifies weak and reused passwords so you can change them before they are compromised.

  • Secure Sharing - safely share your login credentials with your significant other, colleague, or team members using Keeper's PKI-encrypted secure sharing functionality. It's vault-to-vault sharing, which means the recipient must also have a Keeper account. You can also select how much control the recipient will have over the shared account, whether you only want them to have access or be able to edit the credentials as well.

  • KeeperFill - eliminates the need to manually type or copy-paste usernames and passwords when signing in to your saved accounts. This autofill feature is not only good for login credentials, however. When shopping online, it can also save you precious minutes by automatically filling in your credit card numbers, shipping, billing addresses, and other form data.

  • Two-Factor Authentication - while passwords are your first line of defense, it certainly is not the last. Keeper Security adds another layer of protection with a second verification process — a code sent to your registered mobile number. In the event that someone manages to steal or hack your master password, they won't be able to break through all of your accounts without verifying the code first. Besides SMS, Keeper also supports TOTP, Fingerprint (e.g. Touch ID), Face ID and WebAuthn security keys (e.g. YubiKey).

  • Trash Bin - a feature unique to Keeper, this tool lets you retrieve passwords or any records that you may have deleted by mistake.

  • Emergency Access - It may not be your main reason for getting a password manager, but should anything happen to you, you and your loved ones will be happy that Keeper offers this feature. It allows you to pass digital access to trusted family members and friends after a specified wait period.

  • Secure File Storage - Keeper Security lets you store and organize confidential files, documents, photos, and videos in a highly secure cloud server. Yes, it's cloud-based, but you won't have to worry since all user data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level. This means no one will be able to intercept any data, much less makes sense of them, other than the authorized or intended user.

  • Version History - in case of a lost, stolen, or damaged device, you can quickly recover your stored vault information at any time.


    More often than not, it's the extra features that separate an outstanding password manager from a mediocre one. In the case of Keeper, they offer the following additional modules guaranteed to make your online life easier and less vulnerable to password-based attacks.

  • BreachWatch - is Keeper Security's version of dark web monitoring. It scans the underbelly of the "Deep Net" for compromised credentials and notifies you right away so you can take action and secure your account. Out of all the password managers we've tested, Keeper offers the most in-depth monitoring available to the public, with a database of over a billion records.

  • Password Importing - if you currently have all of your login credentials saved in your browser, Keeper can automatically import them into your Keeper vault by clicking the Import button from the settings. This should work with popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. Using a different password manager? No problem! You can easily switch to Keeper and import your saved credentials from your current password manager.

  • Record Types - You can now autofill additional information such as your driver's license or passport number in a recent browser extension update. This feature lets you digitize any document, store it in your vault, share to friends or co-workers, or use it to autofill online forms. No more PDFs, scanned documents, or sensitive information sent around via messaging apps or email.

  • KeeperChat - speaking of messaging apps, Keeper has its own app and even calls it "World's Most Secure Messaging App". This might very well be true as it offers a few functionalities not currently found on other messaging apps. For one, you can retract messages if you accidentally sent one or changed your mind about its content. Secondly, any photos or videos sent to you via the KeeperChat are saved separately from your primary camera roll, so you won't have to worry about someone accidentally seeing them. All your messages are locked and can be accessed only after identity confirmation through your fingerprint. You can even set chat messages and media attachments to self-destruct!

  • Security Audit - Using poor or reused passwords is like an open-door invitation to cybercriminals. Fortunately, Keeper makes it easy to identify weak passwords and generate strong ones in a single click. This can be done at the beginning when you import your credentials from your browser or another password manager. The Security Audit screen also displays a summary of user-level security score information, such as password strength, percentage of unique and reused passwords, and use of two-factor authentication.


    You rely on a password manager to protect your data, so you need a company obsessed with data protection and password security. Keeper Security is all that and more. It utilizes a zero-trust framework to mitigate remote work and insider threats and manage cloud and third-party risks. In addition, its zero-knowledge policy ensures that your data is not stored on their servers, so even Keeper employees have no access to it, nor can they give your information away, even if mandated by the government. Your vault is also encrypted using AES-256 — the same one used by Google, the National Security Agency (NSA), banks, and other industries. Furthermore, Keeper supports multi-factor authentication, biometric login, FIDO2 hardware security keys, and Keeper DNA which uses wearable tech like Apple Watch and Android Wear to verify your identity. This password manager is also independently audited and follows the required security practices.


    Getting started with Keeper Security couldn't be any easier, even for those totally new to password managers. Thanks to its intuitive and straightforward interface, we got everything set up and customized in less than five minutes. Keeper is also what you'd call platform-agnostic, so you can expect it to work with just about every type of device — desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablet PCs.


    Keeper offers different plans for enterprise, business, personal, family, student, military, and medical. You're probably shopping for either an individual or family plan, so here's the breakdown and pricing:

    Personal ($2.91/month)

    • Unlimited Password Storage
    • Unlimited Identity & Payments
    • Fingerprint & Face ID Login
    • Unlimited Devices & Sync
    • Secure Record Sharing
    • Emergency Access
    • Web Application
    • 24/7 Support

    Family ($6.24/month)

    Everything that's included in the Personal plan plus the following:

    • 5 Private Vaults
    • 10GB Secure File Storage

    Note that neither plan includes BreachWatch Dark Web Monitoring, but you can get it for a couple of dollars more.


    Keeper has one of the most comprehensive knowledge bases we've seen from the many software products we've reviewed. They have a "training" section where you'll find 101 videos, documentation, end-user guides, free cybersecurity tools, white papers, research reports, etc. If you prefer human assistance, there are several ways to do so. You could jump on the chat, which is available 24/7 but be ready to provide your Keeper account email address since it's a subscriber-only service. They also have a ticketing system if you wish to send them a message, and you can even indicate if your concern is an emergency, outage, or time-sensitive. All in all, Keeper Security scores 4.4 out of 2,772 reviews in TrustPilot, so you can be sure that they prioritize customer satisfaction.

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