Pipedrive is a CRM tool created specifically for sales teams and delivered through the cloud. Its primary emphasis is on managing sales pipelines. Pipedrive provides essential features including contact management, deal tracking, customization, and automation, making it a valuable asset for businesses aiming to boost their sales efficiency and revenue, especially small to medium-sized enterprises. If you're considering Pipedrive, our comprehensive review will help you determine if it's the right fit for your needs.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Affordable paid plans, starting at just $14.90 per month
  • Customizable reporting dashboard
  • Simple setup and seamless integration into your existing workflows
  • Create and manage unlimited, customizable sales pipelines
  • Effective sales-focused features
  • Customizable and flexible workflow automation
  • Reliable mobile apps with call and email synchronization
  • Built-in telephony feature available on most plans
  • Excellent email and call tracking
  • Machine learning-powered sales assistant
  • Exceptional mobile app for on-the-go management
  • Seamless integration with 400+ apps and tools, including Google Workspace
  • Competitive pricing with a free trial to get started
  • Explore the platform with great demos and a trial period
  • 24/7 email and chat support
  • No free plan
  • Lacks project management functionalities
  • Phone support exclusively available on higher-tier plans
  • May not cater to large enterprise-level businesses

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Trustpilot Rating: 4.5 out of 5 from 1,649 reviews

"I was brought on board a month ago to be an admin on a CRM tool for our sales team and Pipedrive was chosen by our leadership team. The tool and interface itself is super easy to use and very user friendly. This is important because we want each sales person to view this software as a tool that saves time vs an additional task. Our business success manager, Bo, is super helpful, knowledgeable and responsive."

"Pipedrive has been a game-changer for our sales team. The intuitive interface, customizable pipelines, and easy-to-use features have streamlined our sales processes and improved efficiency. Tracking deals, managing contacts, and monitoring progress have become seamless tasks. The integration with other tools has further enhanced our workflow."

"I'm still new to this, but so far Pipedrive has been really helpful. I like board representation of all our deals and projects and how we can link them easily to each point of contact. I've also been very happy with how easy it was to import existing contacts I had in an excel spreadsheet. Looking forward to getting to use Pipedrive more."


Pipedrive CRM is an excellent choice for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and sales teams looking to streamline their sales processes. It caters to various industries and professions, including real estate, software, marketing agencies, and more.


Pipedrive offers a robust set of features designed to empower sales teams. Here are some noteworthy ones:

  • Contact and Lead Management: Pipedrive allows you to store and manage all your contacts and leads in one place. You can add custom fields to capture specific information, categorize contacts, and track their progress through the sales pipeline.

  • Customizable Deal Pipelines: Pipedrive offers a remarkable level of customization for your sales pipelines, allowing you to tailor them precisely to your unique business requirements. You can create custom fields, categories, and pipeline stages, ensuring that your CRM aligns perfectly with your specific needs. The flexibility extends to providing as many customizable sales pipelines as necessary, all presented in intuitive kanban views. What's more, you can save, share, reuse, and repurpose your custom pipelines, streamlining your sales process with ease.

  • Deal Tracking: This feature enables you to create and manage deals, providing a clear view of your sales opportunities. You can track deal stages, assign team members, set close dates, and add notes and attachments to keep all deal-related information organized.

  • Email Integration: Seamlessly integrate your email accounts with Pipedrive to track email conversations and correspondence related to your contacts and deals. This feature ensures that you have a comprehensive history of interactions.

  • Workflow Automation: Automation is a powerful feature that allows you to create custom workflows and automate repetitive tasks. You can set up triggers and actions based on specific conditions, such as sending follow-up emails or assigning tasks when a deal reaches a certain stage.

  • Calendar and Task Management: Stay organized with integrated calendars and task management tools. You can schedule appointments, set reminders, and assign tasks to team members, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Email Templates: Pipedrive includes a library of pre-designed email templates for your convenience. While these templates are already visually appealing, you have the freedom to personalize each one using the intuitive drag-and-drop builder, adding a unique and personalized touch to your marketing emails.

  • Deal Rotting: In simple terms, deal rotting refers to the risk of losing a deal because it has been inactive for too long. Pipedrive keeps salespeople informed by sending notifications about deals that require attention, preventing the loss of potential opportunities.

  • Telephony and Video Calling Integration: Pipedrive streamlines communication by enabling you to make phone calls directly from the web-based CRM system. Moreover, it offers the capability to track and record all phone calls for comprehensive record-keeping. Additionally, you can effortlessly schedule video calls using popular platforms like Zoom or Google Meets, enhancing your communication options within the CRM.

  • Chatbots: One standout feature is the customizable chatbot, which companies can integrate into their websites to capture new leads seamlessly. These leads are then automatically funneled into the sales process, ensuring that valuable warm and hot prospects are not missed as they browse the internet. This feature provides a crucial avenue for companies to efficiently engage with potential customers and prevent missed opportunities.

  • Product Catalogs: Pipedrive's store and ecommerce management software include a valuable feature – product catalogs. This feature enables businesses to showcase their products effectively, with the ability to include detailed descriptions, pricing information, and additional notes. Plus, keeping your product catalog up-to-date is a straightforward process, ensuring that your offerings are always accurately represented.

  • Sales Forecasting: Revenue and sales forecasting is a more advanced tool for many CRM solutions with a focus on the sales process. Based on metrics like recurring revenue as well as success rates of past campaigns, Pipedrive can give you sales predictions which are useful for planning new products and campaigns, or making budgets.

  • AI Sales Assistance: Pipedrive empowers your sales team with artificial intelligence, offering insights into the optimal methodologies and timing to boost sales performance and secure more deals. Leveraging past performance data, AI provides actionable recommendations for future strategies and actions, ensuring informed decision-making for continued success.

  • Data Cleaning and Organizing: Managing data in CRM solutions, particularly sales CRMs with extensive information on contacts, companies, communications, and purchase histories, can be overwhelming. Pipedrive simplifies the process by seamlessly importing data from other platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, or Zoho CRM. Additionally, it streamlines data management by identifying and eliminating duplicates, ensuring your database remains clean and organized.

  • Mobile App: Pipedrive's mobile app is well-designed and user-friendly, allowing you to manage your sales activities while on the go. You can access contacts, deals, and tasks from your mobile device.


    Yes, Pipedrive is known for its user-friendly interface and ease of use. Its intuitive design and straightforward navigation make it accessible to both beginners and experienced users. Customization options also allow you to adapt the CRM to match your specific workflow, enhancing its ease of use for your particular business needs.


    Pipedrive boasts an intuitive user interface (UI) that is easy to grasp swiftly, saving valuable time and costs typically associated with training and onboarding. This simplicity is particularly valuable for smaller SMBs and entrepreneurs handling CRM responsibilities. Its design is clean, and the minimalist layout offers a refreshing experience. When compared to CRM tools like Bitrix24 and Insightly with extensive customization options, Pipedrive CRM stands out for its clean and straightforward approach, even though it may feel slightly less dynamic and responsive.


    Pipedrive's mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android platforms and are highly regarded for their usability and functionality:

    1. User-Friendly Interface: You'll find a user-friendly design on these mobile apps, perfectly tailored for smaller screens. This makes it a breeze to access and manage your contacts, deals, and tasks while you're on the move.

    2. Real-Time Updates: You'll stay in the loop with real-time updates and notifications. Whether it's new leads or deal updates, you'll be informed no matter where you are.

    3. Accessibility: With these mobile apps, you can access your Pipedrive data from anywhere. This is especially handy for sales reps in the field, as you can easily update information, schedule appointments, and stay connected with clients.

    4. GPS Integration: Take advantage of GPS integration within Pipedrive's mobile apps. They allow you to navigate to client locations, identify nearby leads, and optimize your travel routes for efficient sales visits.


    Pipedrive places a strong emphasis on data security, with multiple security certificates attesting to its commitment. The platform operates on a world-class infrastructure, ensuring reliability and scalability. It offers an array of privacy and security features, including user permissions, Single Sign-On (SSO), and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), enabling users to control access and protect their data. Pipedrive's dedication to transparency means users receive updates and information on security best practices, fostering trust in the platform.


    Pipedrive now presents five plans: Essential, Advanced, Professional, Enterprise, and Power. The total amount you're billed depends on a couple of factors: the number of users you include in your plan and your billing preference, whether monthly or annual (yes, Pipedrive offers a month-to-month option).

    The cost starts at a reasonable $14.90 per user per month for annual subscriptions, making the Essential plan accessible to smaller organizations. It comprises smart email, 2GB of storage per user, comprehensive sales management for unlimited users, native integrations, API access, and 24/7 live chat support. It's an impressive entry-level choice.

    Moving up, the Advanced tier ($27.90) enriches the offering with two-way full email sync and 5GB of storage per user. The Professional plan ($49.90) introduces multiple email account synchronization, revenue forecast reports and views, and support for up to 100,000 open deals.

    Pipedrive's Power plan ($64.90) builds upon the lower-tier plans, extending functionality for additional work groups, accommodating more active automations, and allowing for additional custom fields.

    The Enterprise plan ($99) provides unrestricted access to most Pipedrive tools.


    No, but you can explore any of the plans with a 14-day free trial that doesn't require upfront billing information. Following the trial, Pipedrive retains your data for two months, affording you the flexibility to subscribe. If you opt not to continue, your data will be securely deleted.


    The level of support you receive depends on your chosen subscription plan. All plans include access to a comprehensive online support platform that addresses common inquiries. Additionally, chat support is available across all plans to address more specific questions, with the support team accessible 24/7 for timely assistance. Subscribers to the Power and Enterprise plans will also enjoy the added benefit of telephone support for even more personalized assistance.


    Pipedrive is a valuable solution for small business sales teams. Its user-friendly Kanban board simplifies sales processes, estimates monthly sales, and provides insights to meet targets. Integrated email marketing templates make it a potent tool for effective correspondence with prospects, making it suitable for small teams adopting their first CRM to drive sales results.

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