Scanguard's complete protection includes all the features of a top security package. Fast antivirus engine, real-time antivirus protection, and Scanguard-specific technical support. Scanguard also offers superb extras like a VPN for complete online privacy and anonymity, a password manager to store all your passwords in one place, an ad blocker, and more. Protect yourself today!

  • Robust antivirus and malware protection
  • Quick and simple UI
  • Remote firewall protection, VPN, password vault
  • Very inexpensive for the first year
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Real-time malware auto scanning
  • System tune up optimization tools
  • Doesn’t slow down devices
  • Free additional licenses for up to 5 devices
  • 24/7 email, live chat, and toll-free phone support
  • 4.5-star rating in TrustPilot
  • Money-back guarantee
  • No independent lab test results yet
  • No community forum
  • There are some compatibility issues when using the default Windows Defender

Get TotalAV - Protect Your Devices!



Price: $29
Money-back Guarantee: YES
Platforms: PC, Mac, Android, and iOS


Real-time Antivirus: YES
USB Virus Scan: YES
Auto Virus Scanning: YES
Manual Virus Scanning: YES
Registry Startup Scan: YES
Scheduled Scan: YES


Anti-Spyware: YES
Anti-Trojan: YES
Anti-Phishing: YES
Anti-Adware: YES
Anti-Ransomware: YES
Anti-Malware: YES
Email-Protection: NO
Anti-Worm: YES
Anti-Rootkit: YES
Anti-Spam: NO
Chat/IM Protection: NO


Personal Firewall: YES
Password Manager: YES
Ad Blocker: YES
Gamer Mode: NO
Webcam and mic protection: NO
Smartphone Optimizer: YES
Safe Browser: NO
Parental Controls: YES
VPN Service: YES
Device Tune-up: YES


Live Chat: YES
Email Support: YES
Phone Support: YES
Ticket Support: NO


"I've often wondered about how good it is and hardly ever see a virus or trojan on my computer. I see Scanguard has updated and it works so efficiently and it just detected three attacks. I feel safer with it working in the background and doesn't seem to be slowing my computer down in the process."

"This program does really well with "garbage" that the internet leaves embedded in your computer.....Hence, it runs quite well. Good job!!!!"

"After 5 years of signing up to Scanguard I am still 100% satisfied with their software. Also, brought an old notebook, that I was going to discard, back to life with enhanced processing speed. Scanguard rocks!"

"Scanguard does its job, professionally, without pestering the crap out of me by trying to sell me some special offer, or a program that needs to be upgraded in the next 2.5 seconds. Other software programs offer to do all that stuff while, at the same time, trying to drag extra money out of everyone involved! They just don't pester you every 5 minutes for your credit card."


Scanguard is a British antivirus firm headquartered in Surrey. It was only introduced in 2016, yet millions of people already rely on it to protect their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. This level of confidence may be due to the fact that Scanguard is owned by Yes, the same business as TotalAV, another industry-leading antivirus brand. So, while the brand may be new, the underlying technology is not.

Scanguard includes four major security features. The Malware Guard is designed to protect you from dangerous software such as trojans and worms, which may cause havoc on your computer and smartphone if left unchecked. Then there's the Ransomware Guard, which prevents cybercriminals from holding your computer hostage until they get payment. Scanguard also offers a Spyware Guard that protects you from malware meant to secretly acquire information about you, such as your login credentials and credit card information. Finally, the Adware Guard will assist in keeping those pesky advertisements away.

Together, these features provide a robust defense against a variety of malware threats. Real-time protection from Scanguard also analyzes both incoming traffic and the programs and files currently present on your device. It looks for any modifications or questionable activities and, if found, keeps them from opening or running until you accept or refuse them. We really appreciate how devoted and comprehensive Scanguard is when it comes to monitoring activities. After all, it is much better to detect any concerns soon to prevent them from becoming hazardous malware threats.


Scanguard claims "one product, complete protection, " and it's not just a fancy slogan. Besides some solid security features, Scanguard offers a good range of privacy and device optimization tools. Here are some of them:

  • Ad Block Pro - Blocks intrusive and unwanted advertisements so you can browse the web safely, and in peace.

  • Password Vault - Provides a central location to store all of your passwords. The single Master Password is all you need to remember. It sure beats having to write down or memorize a bunch of passwords!

  • Safe Browsing (VPN) - Safeguards your online activities and privacy by masking your real IP address and building a safe, encrypted tunnel for internet access. Your internet activities won't be linked to you by snoops, trackers, or other curious parties.

  • Browser Manager - Maintaining a clean browser will improve performance, stop intrusive advertising, and help stop fraud.

  • Cookie Cleaner - Frees up disk space and optimizes your computer, while stopping advertisers from tracking your online habits and bombarding you with ads.

  • System Optimization Scan - Determines any potential areas where your devices could perform better and last longer.

  • Disc Cleaner Pro - Scans your hard drive and displays temporary files, Internet cache files, and unused software files that can be securely deleted to free up critical disc space.

  • Battery Monitor - Extend the life of your battery by stopping processes and apps that you don't need to run in the background.


    Being a relatively new business, Scanguard hasn't undergone thorough testing by any independent testing labs like AV-Comparatives, SE Labs, and AV-Test. However, we can evaluate ScanGuard's dependability based on the data at hand and our personal expertise. It appears to use a last-generation antivirus engine because in our tests, it handled all known viruses and was able to find zero-day samples. Its anti-phishing tool effectively blocks questionable pages as it should. Even the entry-level edition of the software has a built-in firewall capability. Auto-scanning is efficient and has little noticeable influence on the system. If there are any drawbacks, we haven't found them, therefore overall, we only have great things to say about Scanguard.


    Scanguard is all about usability and excellent design. The official website is pleasant and soothing, and the antivirus itself is simple to use. The downloading and installation procedures are easy and straightforward. All of the features are available to you straight away. To make sense of it all, no science degree is required. Cross-device interoperability is also fantastic, so you can be sure that the experience with an Android will be the same as with all other devices. The higher options are equally simple to use and accessible. You can also customize the antivirus to your preference with a few mouse clicks. All things considered, Scanguard is an adaptable and user-friendly security solution.


    Not at all! On the contrary, Scanguard provides a range of functions like the Disc Cleaner Pro and Battery Monitor that are meant to improve device performance. Real-time scans also didn't bog down the system throughout our tests, so you can focus on your job without worrying about the antivirus running in the background.


    Scanguard used to have three different plans, but they have since made things simpler by offering a single comprehensive plan. For less than $2 per month, you get complete protection on up to 5 devices! Scanguard also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you decide this antivirus software is not for you, they’ll refund your subscription fee in full, no questions asked.


    The customer service is excellent. Live chat and email are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the folks on the other end of the line are really professional and helpful. Furthermore, there is a large knowledge base on the official website that allows you to fix whatever problem you're having on your own.


    This antivirus's biggest selling points are its friendly dashboard, useful extra features, and first-rate customer service. And with the whopping 75% discount on your first year, you get an offer that won’t be easy to turn down.

    Get TotalAV - Protect Your Devices!