Avast Antivirus is a robust cybersecurity tool that offers a range of protective features. From malware detection to real-time scanning, Avast is designed to safeguard your devices from online threats. It boasts a user-friendly interface suitable for beginners while offering advanced options for those seeking deeper customization. It is used by over 435 million users worldwide and prevents over 1.5 billion threats every month. With Avast, you can trust that your digital world remains secure without compromising on performance.
  • Strong malware protection
  • User-friendly interface
  • Award-winning antivirus software
  • Real-time scanning
  • Multiple-layers of security
  • Advanced privacy and security tools
  • Detects even new and developing threats
  • Customizable security settings
  • 435+ million users worldwide
  • Web Shield and Email Shield for added protection
  • Protects up to 10 devices
  • Performs well in independent lab tests
  • 30 years plus of expertise
  • Some advanced features are available only with premium plans
  • Occasional pop-up ads for additional products

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Price: From $29.99
Money-back Guarantee: YES
Platforms: PC, Mac, Android, and iOS


Real-time Antivirus: YES
USB Virus Scan: YES
Auto Virus Scanning: YES
Manual Virus Scanning: YES
Registry Startup Scan: YES
Scheduled Scan: YES


Anti-Spyware: YES
Anti-Trojan: YES
Anti-Phishing: YES
Adware Prevention: YES
Anti-Ransomware: YES
Anti-Malware: YES
Email-Protection: YES
Anti-Worm: YES
Anti-Rootkit: YES
Anti-Spam: YES
Chat/IM Protection: YES


Personal Firewall: YES
Password Vault: YES
Identity Theft Checker: YES
Ad Blocker: YES
Gamer Mode: YES
Smartphone Optimizer: YES
Safe Browser: YES
Parental Controls: NO
VPN Service: YES
Device Tune-up: YES


Live Chat: YES
Email Support: YES
Phone Support: YES
Ticket Support: YES


“Was told about Avast in 2006. Used the free version for about 14 years. I've been using premium for 3 years now and enjoying it. I had recommended Avast to a co-working friend because he said his computer was running slow. He said he ran the anti-virus twice and his computer speed improved. I also have on my relatives' computers and any computers I build for family and friends. Just built a computer for my nephew August 19, 2023. Avast is on his computer.”

“I have avoided dangerous sites due to the notice Avast gives me when I click on a link that leads to one. Other anti-virus programs have locked up my computer, but after using Avast for over ten years, it hasn't.”

“I recommend Avast because it secures your information from cyber attacks, data breaches and all sorts of nasty stuff that the web does for a living. It is criminal to steal basic information but they do it because they don't care. Protect yourself from false information and scammers that are linked to the dark web. Avast is always in charge. Run Scan and it will tell you what is wrong with your computer and it will clear out the nasty bugs that don't need to be there.”


Avast Antivirus packs a punch with features designed to shield your devices from malicious intent. Here's a detailed breakdown of each feature and what it brings to the table:

  • Real-time Scanning: Avast's real-time scanning constantly monitors your system for malicious files and activities. It swiftly identifies and eliminates threats as they emerge, ensuring your devices remain secure at all times.

  • Web Shield: The Web Shield feature acts as a protective barrier against dangerous websites and online threats. It blocks access to malicious sites, preventing potential malware infections and phishing attempts.

  • Email Shield: With the Email Shield, your inbox becomes a fortified stronghold against phishing attacks and malicious attachments. It scans incoming emails, ensuring that harmful content doesn't reach your system through your email communications.

  • Smart Scan: Smart Scan is a comprehensive scanning feature that thoroughly examines your device, diligently searching for vulnerabilities that may be hidden in hard-to-find places.

  • Wi-Fi Inspector: The Wi-Fi Inspector scans your network for vulnerabilities, ensuring that your Wi-Fi connection remains secure. It identifies potential weak points and advises on how to address them, bolstering your network's protection.

  • Behavior Shield: The Behavior Shield is a dynamic defense mechanism that identifies and stops suspicious behavior by applications. It prevents potentially harmful programs from causing harm by analyzing their actions in real time.

  • Firewall: Avast's Firewall acts as a digital gatekeeper, regulating incoming and outgoing network traffic. It guards against unauthorized access, providing an additional layer of security to your system.

  • CyberCapture: CyberCapture is a feature that automatically sends potentially suspicious files to the Cloud for analysis. If necessary, it then delivers a solution to Avast users to address any detected threats.

  • Ransomware Shield: This feature safeguards your valuable files against ransomware attacks. It monitors and blocks suspicious activities, ensuring that your data remains untouched by this malicious threat.

  • Quarantine: Quarantine is a secure storage area that securely holds potentially harmful files, effectively isolating them from the rest of your operating system to prevent any further damage or potential threats.

  • Anti-Phishing: Avast's Anti-Phishing technology identifies and blocks phishing attempts, which are fraudulent attempts to obtain sensitive information such as passwords or credit card details. It prevents you from falling victim to online scams.

  • Rescue Disk: Rescue Disk is a powerful tool that conducts thorough scans of your device even while your system is switched off. This allows you to safely eliminate malware and other malicious threats with confidence.

  • Data Leak Alerts: Receive instant notifications if any passwords associated with your email account have been compromised, ensuring you stay informed about potential security breaches.

    Avast Antivirus's multifaceted feature set works together to provide comprehensive protection, ensuring your digital environment remains secure, your personal data stays private, and your online activities are shielded from a wide array of threats.


    Indeed, Avast doesn't stop at the basics. It offers additional features that set it apart from other antivirus programs:

  • SecureLine VPN: The SecureLine VPN encrypts your internet connection, enhancing your online privacy and anonymity. It prevents others from intercepting your data while using public Wi-Fi networks.

  • Avast Cleanup: This feature is designed to enhance your device's performance. It clears out junk files, eliminates leftover data, and removes unnecessary programs, effectively reclaiming storage space. Avast Cleanup also offers automatic software updates, hibernates resource-heavy apps, and more, ensuring your device runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Webcam Shield: When activated, Webcam Shield blocks any attempts by unauthorized applications to access your webcam without your consent. It works by monitoring the activity of applications that might attempt to access your webcam, such as video conferencing apps, browsers, or malware. If an application tries to access your webcam without your permission, Webcam Shield immediately notifies you and prompts you to either allow or block the access attempt.

  • SafeZone Browser: Avast's SafeZone Browser provides a secure browsing environment, protecting you from malware-infected websites and potential threats while you shop, bank, or browse online.

  • Password Manager: Avast's Password Manager stores and secures your passwords, making it easier to manage your credentials while keeping them safe from prying eyes. This feature promotes strong, unique passwords for all your accounts, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

  • Identity Theft Protection: Available with Avast One Platinum, this feature focuses on guarding your personal information from online threats and identity theft. It actively monitors various online sources, including the dark web, to detect any exposure of your sensitive data. If any suspicious activity is found, you receive immediate alerts, enabling quick actions to secure your identity and privacy.

  • Game Mode: By enabling Avast Game Mode, you can enhance your gaming experience by optimizing your system's performance. This feature prioritizes your system resources to ensure that your game runs smoothly, free from any unnecessary interruptions.

  • Data Shredder: Ensures the permanent removal of sensitive files by overwriting them, rendering them unrecoverable.

  • Bank Mode: Safeguards your online banking and shopping activities by securing your passwords, credit card details, and personal information. To use this feature, you'll need to install the Avast Secure Browser, available for free download.

    Take note that some of the extra features like the VPN are available only with the comprehensive Avast One package.


    Avast's reputation in the cybersecurity arena speaks for itself. With impressive malware detection rates and frequent virus definition updates, Avast is primed to tackle emerging threats head-on. Its large user base contributes to the robustness of its threat detection capabilities, instilling confidence in the safety of its users.


    Setting up Avast Antivirus is a breeze, even for those who might be less tech-savvy. The intuitive interface guides you through the installation process, and the dashboard provides easy access to a range of features. Whether you're adjusting settings or initiating scans, Avast ensures that managing your security is a seamless experience.


    Avast is acutely aware of the performance concerns users often have with security software. The good news? It's designed to operate in the background with minimal impact on your computer's speed. Avast's scans are intelligent, prioritizing tasks that are currently active, thus reducing any potential slowdowns.


    Avast has a variety of plans and rates to meet a variety of needs, including Premium Security, Avast One, Essential Business Security, Premium Business Security, and Ultimate Business Security. For the purposes of this review, we'll concentrate on solutions oriented toward home users.

  • Avast Premium Security: This plan provides you with an antivirus protection package that implements advanced security measures to safeguard against online threats. This empowers you to steer clear of fake websites, ensure secure online shopping, and prevent web spies. The cost of Avast Premium Security is $23.40 for the first year, applicable to one Windows device (or $22.80 for Mac), or $29.99 for the initial year, covering up to 10 devices.

  • Avast One: Avast One is designed for you as an all-in-one service, encompassing malware and virus protection, an unlimited VPN, data breach monitoring, and tools for device cleanup. You can start with pricing at $29.99 for the first year, covering five devices. If you need broader coverage, there's Avast One Platinum at $41.99 for the initial year, accommodating up to 30 devices.


    In a world where quick and effective support is essential, Avast delivers. Their website houses a comprehensive knowledge base, troubleshooting guides, and frequently asked questions. For those who opt for premium plans, priority customer support via email, phone, or chat is also available.


    Avast Antivirus emerges as a robust cybersecurity solution, striking a balance between comprehensive protection and performance. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with powerful malware detection, makes it a suitable choice for a diverse user base. While certain advanced features come at a cost, the peace of mind that Avast brings to the table in today's digital landscape is well worth it. Whether you're a novice or an experienced user, Avast ensures that your digital world remains secure, so you can navigate it with confidence.

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