This solution is designed to protect your identity and privacy from growing cyber threats. The best thing about McAfee is that it’s a comprehensive package that combines ID and credit monitoring, malware protection, and a free VPN. It continuously scans the Internet to detect when another party uses your personal information without your permission, so you can take action to stop the fraud. And if you do become a victim of identity theft, McAfee's expert support team will work with you to help restore your identity. In simple terms, the software monitors and protects your personal information so that you can shop, surf, and socialize online with peace of mind.

  • 24/7 Dark Web monitoring of your credit and personal information
  • Immediate alerts about suspicious activity
  • ID restoration assistance
  • ID theft insurance of up to $1 million
  • A free VPN for added privacy protection
  • Antivirus software for comprehensive protection
  • Credit monitoring of up to three credit card bureaus
  • 30-days free trial
  • The product offering can be confusing
  • The pricing plan is complicated
  • No identity theft insurance for premium plans

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McAfee is one of the world's most popular and well-known antivirus software companies. The company offers a wide range of security products for individuals and businesses.

McAfee ID Theft Protection is a new product from the company that offers comprehensive protection against identity theft. The service provides users with daily credit monitoring, alerts, and recovery assistance.

This section takes a detailed look at the features of McAfee ID Theft Protection to see if it is worth the price. The main features of McAfee ID Theft Protection include:

  • Identity Monitoring: The service monitors your personal information and alerts you if it detects any suspicious activity. It searches the dark web for your social security number, tax ID, health ID, email address, and other personal information.

  • Personal Data CleanUp: This feature scans online databases to help you understand how much of your data is available online and the companies or brokers using it. If it finds your information on risky data brokers’ websites, it will delete it automatically if you’re using the advanced plan. For lower-tier plans, McAfee will alert you and guide you on how to remove them.

  • Identity Restoration: If your identity is stolen, McAfee will assign you a certified restoration specialist who will work with you to restore your identity. The expert will advise you on the steps you can take to avoid falling victim to identity theft in the future.

  • Lost Wallet Assistance: This feature helps you cancel and replace lost or stolen credit cards, driver’s licenses, and other vital documents.

  • Security Freeze:This feature helps you prevent new accounts from being opened in your name. It’s helpful if you’re worried about your personal information being compromised.

  • Free VPN: All plans come with a free VPN that encrypts your data and protects your privacy when using public Wi-Fi.

  • Identity Theft Insurance:The service offers up to $1 million in identity theft insurance. This covers expenses like legal fees, lost wages, personal costs, and stolen funds. The insurance helps you bounce back quickly if cybercriminals steal your identity.

  • Antivirus:McAfee ID Theft Protection offers antivirus protection to keep your devices safe from malware and other online threats. The antivirus protects all your compatible devices against emerging threats.


    McAfee ID Theft Protection offers two pricing plans, which include Premium and Advanced. For the premium plan, you will pay $49.99 for the first year. The renewal price after one year will increase to $129.99.

    The Advanced plan will cost you $89.99 for the first year. When renewing this plan, the price will change to $179.99 per year.

    If you’re on a budget, choosing the cheaper premium plan would make sense. However, it’s vital to note that you’ll be missing out on several features, including the following:

    • $1M identity theft coverage
    • Security freeze
    • Connection to licensed restoration experts

    All these services are available for those using the individual Advanced pricing plan. It's also vital to note that you can opt for the family pricing plans, which also have the Premium and the Advanced pricing plans.

    Pricing for the Premium family plan starts at $59.99 for the first year and $149.99 annually if you renew. The Advanced family plan will cost you $99.99 during the first year and $199.99 after renewing. The family plans offer parental controls, so they're essential if you want to keep your children safe online.


    McAfee’s customer support consists of an extensive knowledge base through blogs, guides, and YouTube videos. There's a comprehensive FAQs section where you can find solutions to the most common problems users experience. McAfee has a virtual assistant who can help you with simple tasks like finding a product or downloading software. You can contact McAfee's customer support via live chat or phone if you need human assistance. And if you're a social media fan, you can also reach out to the company on Facebook or Twitter. The customer support team is available 24/7 and always willing to help. Most of the time, you will get a quick response if you make a call. The polite representatives will work with you until your problem is resolved.

    Get McAfee - The Leading ID Theft Protection!